Sacred Journey to the Great Cave of your Heart with Gong Master, Parmatma.
Sunday, October 18th
6 to 7:15 p.m.
Estate Cave

Come and experience a deep dive through the hypnotic and expansive journey bathed by the sounds of the symphonic gong, played by Gong Master, Parmatma.

This opportunity and journey will take place in our unique sound chamber setting in the Estate Cave located 40 feet below ground.

Let the journey of sound intoxicate and carry you away from your body and into the cosmos.

Many report hearing sounds of all instruments known and unknown to this physical realm. Allow yourself to be transported by the myriad of sounds to help assist and dissolve your patterns of stress, pain as well as discomforts of physical, mental and energetic natures.

We will practice some gentle yoga warm ups and breathing practices to prepare our bodies and minds to receive one of the most transformational sound experiences available to you. Enjoy deep relaxation and well-being.

Please bring anything that will make you comfortable while laying down on a hard surface. Consider bringing your yoga mat, blankets, cushioning for your head and knees as well as layers and an eye pillow.

$35 per person


Parmatma has been playing the gong since 1998 and has studied with many great teachers. She is a multiple style yoga teacher trainer, yoga therapist, sound healer as well as a quantum energy healer and provides readings in the Akashic Records.